The Wall Takes It All

To give Asian Paints a customised YouTube gadget, we chose to introduce consumers once again to a dependable figure they’d become well acquainted with — the butler from the ads with Saif Ali Khan. The simple idea being, how easily he shrugs of the most enormous stains because of the reliable Asian Paints covering the walls! We came up with ‘The Wall Takes it All’ in collaboration with Contract Advertising — an interactive YouTube video, starring the agreeable butler and a host of interesting items. You could pick the items you wished to throw smack against the walls and the butler would step in and clean the stains in a jiffy! His parting words were a set of witty retorts, and the parting effect proved Asian Paints’ effectiveness in being stain-free. This won Silver at the Creative Abby Awards 2012 (Goafest 2012) for the best use of branded content for the internet.