NFT & Metaverse Projects

We believe in the promise of Web3. NFTs and the Metaverse can be leveraged by creators, consumers and brands to make lasting impressions.

We have helped launch some of the most successful NFT projects and Metaverse activations on platforms such as OpenSea, Rarible, Sandbox and Decentraland. We provide end-to-end services from strategy and development to deployment and promotion. 


102, Firdos Apartments, Varoda Road Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

T: +91-22-26553821

The Metapreneurs

  • Discord Subscribers: 90,000
  • Twitter Followers: 14,000
  • Mints: 11,100
  • Revenue: 1665 ETH
  • Status: Sold Out

The Space Warriors Club

  • Discord Subscribers: 200,000
  • Twitter Followers: 50,000
  • Mints: 6,500
  • Revenue: 1300 ETH
  • Status: On Going

Meta Lizards

  • Discord Subscribers: 100,000
  • Twitter Followers: 6,600
  • Mints: 4,400
  • Revenue: 440 ETH
  • Status: Sold Out


An NFT that comes with a year’s supply of chicken

Amazon & OnePlus in Decentraland

Yashoda Hospitals in Decentraland