OnePlus 6 - Contextual Pre Roll

Dash Charge

Everything about the new OnePlus 6 is geared towards speed, including its charger!


With a 16+20MP Dual camera, the OnePlus 6 is equipped for all your photography needs. And with a brilliant 480 fps slow motion mode and a fast portrait mode, you have every kind of option you could ever need

Faster Than

Everything about the new OnePlus 6 is fast, but nothing is quite as fast as its blazingly speedy Octacore processor. Enjoy the speed you need and so much more.

Water Resistance

The new OnePlus 6 is water resistant. So if you don’t want an umbrella this monsoon, just chill, as long as you don’t take it swimming, your new OnePlus 6 is going to be just fine.


The new OnePlus 6 is the only phone you’ll ever need to unbox. With every feature you could ever need and a whole lot more, you don’t need to ever watch a review video again.


With a 6.28inch SUPER AMOLED display, the display on the new OnePlus 6 is just incredible!