To nip the misconception — KFC is expensive —in the bud, we had to take it from being a buzzkill and turn it into a WOW thing! So we approached the idea from the sparkling eyes of augmented reality, to come up an app that highlights KFC’s affordability, foremost. KFC’s WOW range @25 was the perfect premise. We created a currency scanner for smartphones and on the web, to scan any Indian currency note. The users scanned their note with the app or microsite, and behold — all the ‘KFC WOW @25’ menu options that can be purchased with that amount, mapped out on the note itself! The app acquired 35,000 downloads while the site received 1.5 lac hits. Fone Arena, The FWA, Daily App Review, Mid-Day spotlighted the campaign. It even stood No. 1 on the iTunes store’s ‘What’s Hot’ section.