KFC Design Your Own Bucket

KFC was launching their new tagline — So Good, and wanted to bring the fans in on the fun. So while spotlighting the launch, we let users have a hand in it too! And so, the Design Your Bucket Facebook App was called on to do the trick. We gave fans KFC’s iconic Chicken Bucket to redesign from scratch, while dipping into a pool of prearranged tools at their picking. It used the idea of a blank canvas to entice the users’ artistic imagination while giving them a personal link to the brand as well! To sign off on their creations, we added the fun bit where fans had to include their own So Good moment as an apt finishing touch. This painted the perfect picture and the app bucketed 5, 500 entries to create a Facebook frenzy! These crowd sourced buckets were also put to the test and three winners were selected to top our bucket list.