Hippo Momline

Looking to boost the sales of Hippo’s new Round-Round range, we took its homely flavours to the online market via a website equipped with an augmented reality treat. Packaging it as a ready-to-eat snack, with all the flavours of moms cooking — we came up with an idea that made users feel at home! In collaboration with Creativeland Asia, the website was up and running with the addition of an interactive scenario. One had to just flash a packet of Hippo in front of the webcam and a mommy avatar popped up to give you a good old lecture on eating your food on time, and coaxing users with typical motherly concern. The mother figure represented the specific regional flavour, while cajoling browsers into eventually dialling his/her own mom through the ‘momline’ service! Blink had to even chalk up a specific algorithm for the augmented reality set-up to identify the colour of the packet.