To separate Audi’s class from amidst a host of leading car manufacturers in the world, at the Auto Expo Delhi 2012, Blink created a website and a contest that would capture the clean, sleek elegance that was demanded of the brand. In collaboration with Contract Advertising, the resulting website was as planned — an interactive and informative interface, promoting a live webstream of the showcased cars, and even allowing visitors to vote for the Audi cars they wished should be retailed across the country. The coolest part of course was the #AskAudi through which users good tweet just about any question to the brand, and receive a personalised response video with the answers! Some select questions were responded to personally by the Head of Audi India, and were shared on Facebook for fans to have a peek. In all, the site was in sync with the class and sophistication that a car bearing Audi's mark represents.